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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Toronto, ON

Your wisdom teeth are the four endmost molars located at the back corners of your mouth, on the upper and lower arches. Sometimes, these teeth may lack sufficient space to erupt, resulting in what is known as impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth may erupt partially or stay entirely trapped within the jawbone.

Wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto, ON, are performed to eliminate the risk of future problems. If our dentists determine that there’s a risk of infection, the formation of cysts, pain, and even compromised health of adjacent teeth, it’s necessary to undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

You don’t have to wait until your impacted wisdom teeth present problems. The earlier you get checked, the better. We encourage our valued patients to schedule regular dental exams with one of our dentist. This way, our dentists can keep a close eye on your dental health and advise you regarding necessary extractions.

Some wisdom teeth remain unproblematic and asymptomatic for a lifetime. However, there are instances when impacted wisdom teeth cause pain, infection, damage to surrounding teeth and bone, decay, and other significant problems. The Bathurst dentist will carefully assess you to determine if there’s a chance that these issues might arise in the future. If yes, we’ll schedule you for wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto, ON.

The best age to undergo wisdom teeth extraction is when you’re in your teens and early twenties. However, older adults can also undergo wisdom teeth removal depending on the assessment of the dentist.

What to Expect

After taking the required dental x-rays to understand the positioning of your impacted wisdom teeth, one of our dentists will administer appropriate anesthesia. Next, the dentist carefully makes a small incision in your gum tissue to access the wisdom teeth. The dentist may further remove any bone that is in the way and section the tooth into parts for easy extraction.

After the extraction, the Bathurst dentist will give you detailed aftercare instructions regarding bleeding, pain management, swelling, and bruising as well as dental hygiene. Remember to follow these instructions diligently to ensure timely healing and recovery.

Are you looking for a reputable, multi-specialty dental practice that provides wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto, ON? Contact Arlington Dental today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentist.

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