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VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening in Toronto, ON

Have you been looking for oral cancer screening in Toronto, ON? This type of cancer is just as important as any other to check for. At Arlington Dental, we provide oral cancer screening in Toronto, ON. We would be happy to help give you the peace of mind of a healthy mouth. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted and caring Bathurst dentist.

What Is It?

Unfortunately, oral cancer isn’t often detected until it is in its advanced stages. What was once thought to only affect those past the age of 40, oral cancer is now known to affect young adults, as well.

Oral cancer is primarily spread through the sexually transmitted disease, HPV16, or Human Papilloma Virus. Those who drink and/or smoke frequently are also at risk of developing this fatal disease.

It is also known that exposure to sunlight can lead to oral cancer, too. There have also been some genetic factors attributed to oral cancer.

Who Needs Oral Cancer Screening?

Both young adults and adults should have themselves checked for oral cancer at their earliest convenience. Since it is often diagnosed too late, it’s a good idea to routinely check for any abnormalities in your mouth to ensure you are healthy.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Fortunately, mouth cancer screening in Toronto, ON, is a regular part of your dental checkup. Our dentist will conduct a series of standard tests to check for oral cancer. This includes assessing your tongue, lips, and mouth.

If any unusual sores are discovered, our team may use special dyes under light to determine the cause of the sores. In some cases, a biopsy may be ordered. This is a quick and easy procedure that is used to follow up on anything that might be suspect.

Are you interested in an oral cancer screening in Toronto, ON? Our dentist, would be happy to assist you. It’s important to get this crucial test performed immediately to ensure your safety and health. Call us today to book an appointment.

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