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Root Canal

Root Canal in Toronto, ON

Are you experiencing constant or extreme sensitivity in one of your teeth when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or liquids? Do you get a sharp, jabbing pain when you bite down on food? Are these symptoms keeping you awake at night and making it difficult to concentrate at work or school? If you have identified with one or more of these questions, there’s a good chance that you’re a candidate for a root canal in Toronto, ON, to reduce pain and provide more comfort in your daily life.

Arlington Dental can provide gentle, compassionate root canal treatment for you or your family using the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure that your procedure has you feeling better in record time.

Root Canals are the Top Choice for Pain Relief

You may be wondering whether there is an alternate treatment to stop the pain in your tooth besides root canal therapy. Unfortunately, the only other treatment option is to have your tooth extracted. And although most dental extractions can be completed in one appointment as opposed to the two or three appointments required for root canal in Toronto, ON, the procedure is far more invasive and considered more painful. Plus, after your tooth has been extracted, you’ll require some form of tooth replacement option such as a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture.

We understand that some patients may be concerned about their root canal treatment, which may cause them to delay seeking treatment. Our endodontist, and team want to assure you that our top goals at Arlington Dental are to help you maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible through the practice of gentle dentistry. When you visit us for your root canal consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with complete pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions.

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