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Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Toronto, ON

Have you heard about dental bonding and have some questions about whether or not the treatment is right for you? Our dentists, has helped countless patients receive the smile of their dreams with the help of dental bonding in Toronto, ON, and we’re happy to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the procedure.

Is dental bonding the same as dental veneers?

Although both procedures are used to correct minor smile imperfections, the two procedures are entirely different. One of the greatest advantages of dental bonding in Toronto, ON, from our dentist, is that bonding will not damage your natural tooth.

What are some of the most common reasons people get dental bonding?

As mentioned, the procedure is used to make minor corrections to smile imperfections such as wear and tear on teeth, cracked teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that do not respond to whitening treatments, and more. Learn whether the procedure is right for your smile makeover by contacting Arlington Dental for a consultation and treatment plan.

Although every patient scenario will be different based on the amount of cosmetic dentistry they’re receiving, dental bonding in Toronto, ON, is usually performed and completed in one appointment from a dentist. The quickness of the procedure is one of the most attractive features of dental bonding.

What’s the number one benefit to dental bonding?

Again, every patient will have a different reason for wanting to reap the benefits of the procedure, but they can be generalized as helping them restore their smile with one of the fastest treatments available in modern dentistry.

When compared to dental veneers, bonded teeth will not be as resistant to stains and will be more prone to chipping and cracking. But these minor drawbacks are often offset by the quickness of the procedure as well as it being less invasive than a veneer procedure.

Our dentists, will be happy to develop a treatment plan that compares the use of dental veneers and composite bonding so you can make a decision about which is best for your individual needs. Simply use our online booking tool to get started.

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