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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Toronto, ON

Are you in need of tooth bridges who can help you restore missing teeth? At Arlington Dental, we can give you a new smile with the use of dental bridges in Toronto, ON. Just give us a call for a consultation. We will work with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for bridges.

What Is It?

Typically made of composite resin or porcelain, dental bridges help to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges in Toronto, ON, are strong and long-lasting, giving you brand-new teeth in place of your broken or missing ones. Our dentist will help you decide on either permanent or removable bridges.

Patients who have dental bridges often speak better and are able to enjoy eating without difficulty. If you are currently experiencing trouble due to missing teeth, it might be time to look into dental bridges in Toronto, ON.

Who Needs Dental Bridges?

If you have broken or decayed teeth, you may be a great fit for dental bridges. If you have a gap along the front of your teeth that you’d like to fix, a dental bridge can help. It can help to restore your teeth and give you a complete smile.

If you have spaces between your teeth, dental bridges are a great solution that prevents further separation. When there are too many spaces, your facial structure can be affected. With dental bridges in place, this can be restored.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

In just a matter of a few weeks, you can have new teeth. Our dentist will first have to prepare your real teeth so that they accept the dental bridge. We will also make a mold of your mouth to ensure that the bridge is a perfect fit.

A temporary bridge will be worn while your permanent one is being specially crafted. Once it is finished, you will come back in for the fitting of the new bridge.

If you’re looking for dental bridges in Toronto, ON, please don’t hesitate to call. At Arlington Dental, our goal is to provide you with the best dental care.

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