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About Dental Bridges and How Do the Procedure Work

About Dental Bridges and How Do the Procedure Work

April 1, 2022

Gaps in the smile make it hard for anyone to speak, consume food, or feel confident in front of the public. Tooth bridges are permanent dental appliances that replace the space caused by missing teeth with false teeth that function and appear natural. They are manufactured of numerous pieces combined to fit into the space where the natural teeth are present.

Removable dental bridges are a great alternative to partial dentures. They allow patients not only to enjoy a great appearance but also help them eat and speak in a better way. The bridges last for plenty of years without any complications if you take care of them properly. This post talks about dental bridges and how do they work.

Procedure for Dental Bridge (Step-By-Step)

Placement for dental bridges in Toronto, ON consists of several steps, which are as follows:

Assessment of the Mouth

The first step in getting a bridge is evaluating the need for restorative dental treatment and finding out whether a bridge is an appropriate option or not. To do this, the dental expert performs x-rays of the jaw.

It helps the st clair west dentist inspect the mouth area to ensure no dental caries or gum disease is present. If the dental bridge is the best option, the dentist discusses the design, type, benefits, and disadvantages so that the patient makes the final decision.


Preparation involves recontouring of abutment teeth. It means eliminating a part of the enamel and extra tooth structure to create space for false tooth placement.

Remember, dental bridges must stay on healthy teeth on either side of the gap. To prepare them for the bridge placement, the st clair west dentist shapes the abutment teeth to fit them correctly. He/she also uses local anesthesia to ensure the patient stays relaxed throughout the procedure.

Placement of Temporary Bridge

After that, the dental expert takes the impressions of the shaped teeth and provides them to the dental lab. These impressions act as a model for the construction of a pontic, bridge, and crown. It means each dental bridge is customized as per the patient’s needs.

The dental laboratory makes sure that the bridge appears the same in color as that of nearby natural teeth. If the teeth on either side of the space are weak to support a dental bridge, the dentist adds an implant.

The dentist adds a temporary bridge over the space and shaped teeth. It helps in protecting the exposed gums and teeth from damage. A temporary dental bridge is manufactured of filling material. The dentist uses it till the patient gets the permanent bridge installed.

Permanent Bridge

The second appointment includes the placement of a permanent dental bridge. Again for this, local anesthesia is used. If the professional finds pain or sensitivity in the mouth, local anesthesia helps to increase the comfort of the patient.

The dentist removes a temporary bridge and cleans the underline teeth (if essential). He/she will also take x-rays of the dental bridge to ensure proper fitting in the mouth.

The dental expert uses dental cement. It helps to fix the bridge permanently at the site of abutment teeth. The patient might need to visit the dental clinic multiple times for some final adjustment for the bridge. It depends on the unique case of the patient.

If the patient has a fixed dental bridge, the dental expert cement it in its place temporarily for several weeks. Remember, the prosthetic device might feel strange initially. However, you will adjust to it after a few days.

Follow Up

Follow-up is essential after the bridge placement. During this step, the st clair west dentist gives care tips to you for the new dental bridge. The dental bridge will usually stay for more than 10 years with the proper maintenance.

Explore the Benefits of a Tooth Bridge at Arlington Dental Today

Dental bridges help prevent gum diseases and tooth decay that usually results in the loss of teeth in many people. The procedure works by putting a false tooth in the space and anchoring it with dental crowns on the implants or original teeth on both sides. Any queries about the bridge procedure? Contact our Ontario dental clinic today at any time.