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7 Proven Benefits of Dental Implants

7 Proven Benefits of Dental Implants

December 8, 2020

A dental implant is a highly desirable restorative procedure that has become quite popular in recent years. The procedure involves the use of a metallic screw (usually titanium) and a tooth-coloured crown. In most cases, the treatment will take up to six months, but it is always worth waiting.

Its success rate is quite high, with over 97 percent of the patients having a successful treatment. You only need to find yourself an experienced dentist, and you can be assured the treatment will be successful. You can count on us if you are looking for a dentist in Toronto, ON.

That said, if you are still not convinced that teeth implants are good for you, here are the benefits that come with the treatment.


A dental implant is pretty much like a natural tooth in terms of appearance. It has the shape of your natural teeth, and the material used matches your teeth’ colour.

Restores Your Bite

Unlike a denture, an implant is a fixed and permanent solution. This means you will not need to remove the implant at night and place it in a glass of water. Also, your bite will be as it was with your natural teeth. An implant can’t slide while eating like a denture can.

However, if you don’t have enough money to replace missing teeth with implants, you can opt for denture implants. Denture implants are fixed dentures, with several implants acting as the surrounding teeth of the target teeth. The implants make the dentures stable, and you won’t need to use much money like you would with implants for every gap.


Typically, implants are way more versatile than any other restorative dental procedure. You can use them with bridges and dentures to increase their stability, and you use them independently. The procedure is also cosmetic and restorative. After all, your smile can never be the same when you miss a few teeth, especially front ones. Finally, there are mini dental implants for severely decayed teeth.

Restores Your Speech

A person’s teeth are vital during the pronunciation of letters.When missing a few teeth, the pronunciation can never be the same. Dentures can help with the problem, but they still affect the pronunciation of some words. But with implants, your speech will be as good as it was with natural teeth.


A dental implant is by far the most durable restorative dental procedure. Typically, the implant procedure is made of two major parts, the root and the crown. The root is often made of a titanium screw, while the crown is made of a tooth-coloured material such as porcelain.

Both the materials are not affected by cavity-causing acids, meaning cavities will not wear the implant down. Also, the implant material is as strong as a natural tooth, so it can rarely break when using it in your daily activities.

However, you should avoid using your dentures for things they are not meant to do. For example, don’t use them to cut wires, open bottle tops, crush ice, etc. Also, continue maintaining proper oral hygiene for the sake of the other teeth and overall oral hygiene. If you do so, you can expect your treatment to last for more than 35 years.

Implants are Independent

Generally, most restorative dental procedures depend on the surrounding natural teeth for success. That means if the surrounding teeth are not healthy enough, the restorative procedure will fail. Also, this dependency slightly weakens the surrounding teeth.

Since nothing can be as good as natural teeth, you should always strive to keep your natural teeth as strong and healthy as possible. Getting a dental implant means your surrounding teeth will not be affected, and you will still get an improved smile.

Restores Your Smile

If you lose a few front teeth, your smile is affected directly. If you lose back teeth, your smile is affected indirectly in that the remaining teeth may start moving towards the gap, affecting the alignment. Getting a dental implant fixes your smile and ensures your alignment is maintained.

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